Terrell Garrett

An exciting new LitRPG!

Renee 'Nay' Favreau wanted to be a respected chef with a renowned Taco Truck. Maybe even two or three trucks if she became successful, so she could truly cover Los Angeles.

But after a deadly encounter with an interdimensional spider, she finds herself in a dangerous new world full of magic and mayhem.

Discovering she has the power to become a coveted Epicurist for the cultivators known as Marrow Eaters, one of the special chefs with the ability to prepare the magical meals that give the Eaters their powers, she must navigate a world full of gods and monsters if she wants to survive the heat.

Monster Menu hits that sweet spot between cozy slice of life fantasy and action-packed progression fantasy.

It's free to read on Royal Road!

Release schedule is 3 chapters per week. Monday, Wednesday, Friday.

A Deckbuilding Apocalypse!

Will Harmon, a disgraced card game pro and burnt out math prodigy, is just a year out of rehab. He's working as a delivery driver when portals open up around the world during a lunar eclipse, ushering in the apocalypse.

And the apocalypse comes in the form of Psycho Slingers, card game duelists from another Earth who will be using our reality as the battlegrounds for the Slaystone World Championships, a deadly card game where spells, magic and monsters become real.

When Will gets hold of a Starter Deck, can he learn the game well enough to defend himself against the Psycho Slingers and save the people he loves?

Psycho Duel Relevations is Yu-Gi-Oh! meets The Stand. It's a Deckbuilding Apocalypse for fans of card games and LitRPG Apocalypse fiction.

It's free to read on Royal Road!

Release schedule is 5 chapters per week. Monday - Friday.

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Terrell Garrett is a writer from rural Georgia recently transplanted to Long Beach, California. His screenplays have been included on The Hit List and The Young & Hungry List, and in 2016 he was invited to Sundance Film Festival as a Black List Cassian Elwes fellow. He was also commissioned by Elwes to adapt the Alistair MacLean novel, Fear is the Key. His short fiction has appeared in The Georgia State Review and the anthology, The Ankeny Briefcase. He also co-wrote the indie comic, Wolverton: Thief of Impossible Objects.

He believes that every raid needs a boomkin and that dual wield is superior to two-handers. He enjoys tacos and has a penchant for finding phylacteries.